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DJI Mavic Mini


The DJI Mavic Mini Drone not only excels at design, but also in technology. The intuitive control operator, which functions with the help of a compatible transmitter, provides you an entirely comfortable piloting experience when flying the flying drone. The image stabilisation function also corrects a wobbly camera in the case of strong winds. The precise positioning of your drone is secured with the built-in GPS. The drone weighs 249 g and is suitable for recreational purposes. Flying the drone avoids unnecessary legislation, e.g. Permission for Aerial Work. You’ll appreciate the low weight when you have to carry it for trips.

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Smart Drone – 2,7K (2704×1520) camera – 2.7K camera, transmission range of 2km, operation time of 30 min, maximum speed of 46,8km/h, autostart, GPS, online transmission, folding, automatic landing, image stabilisation and rotating camera, microSD 256GB, weight: 249g, package includes model, charger, controller, built-in camera and battery.

  • The drone flies at speeds up to 46,8 km/h
  • It can fly for 30 min per charge
  • This drone has a camera with a maximum resolution of 2,7K (2704×1520)
  • The package contains Model, Charger, Controller, Built-In Camera and Battery

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DJI Mavic Mini
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